SottoSopra Drink Bar

Not just a bar

Sottosopra is lounge, cocktails, bar, food, music. A unique style, a friendly harbour on the coast and a vision come true. Giuliano designed the concept of SottoSopra arising from the second life of everyday objects, transformed into furniture and new shapes. Always take a second look at your stool, at the bar or at a table and you’ll be amazed.

SottoSopra Drink Guest

Our guests above all

You will love our dedication to provide the ideal setting, that special flavour and the friendly service you yearn for. Our special commitment is to exceed the expectations of our clientele. Come once and you will return.

SottoSopra Drink Flavor

The flavour of the coast

The Eastern coast of Sicily is a magical place for food. Travellers and sailors have visited this land and shaped it with their taste. SottoSopra preserves and interprets this gourmet tradition and (unlike many others) leaves no room for imperfection when it comes to high-standard worldwide drinks.



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